Waist Trainer FAQs

Waist training is the new trend these days, and we is no stranger to these amazing trainers! We are proud to offer some of the best body shapers you can find online, so be sure to find one today! Whether you just bought your first waist trainer or if you are thinking about investing in one, you probably have a few questions. We’ve compiled some of the questions and answered them so you can feel prepared to begin the waist training process confidently!


Why is waist training so popular?

People love the drama of a full figure and a little waist, which is why we tend to praise the hourglass figure. In history, women always wore corsets. A small waist was a sign that you could afford leisure. These days, body shapers, corsets, and waist trainers are used for fun, fashion, medical support, and back support.

How do I get my waist to look smaller?

In order to see lasting results, it’s important to wear your waist trainer just about every day. If every day isn’t an option, we highly recommend that you try to do it at least a few times a week. Waist trainers will help your waist’s flexibility, even if you don’t wear the trainer daily.

How can I get started?

First, be sure to choose the ideal trainer for you. (Find yours here). Waist training is not about causing yourself pain! Once you find a body shaper you love wearing and feel comfortable in, do your best to wear it as often as possible and lace it to a comfortable point. However, many women make the mistake of immediately wearing their waist trainers all day and night from the start. Work up to longer lengths of time slowly and always pay attention to your body’s needs. When you are uncomfortable, loosen it up! 

What are the results of waist training?

When done properly with a comfortable body shaper, waist training can improve your posture and boost your confidence. Many women take a look in the mirror and notice the difference. This is an instant way to feel sexier! As far as lasting results, it can take some time to see a difference. It depends on your body’s composition and how flexible the muscles in your core are.

How do I pick the right waist trainer?

Be sure to check your size to find the best body shaper size for you. Once you determine your size, you’ll have to try it on in order to make sure that it’s comfortable. Again, it’s important that you are comfortable in your waist trainer and that you can breathe. It should support you, not restrict you! Choose one where you fit the loosest setting, as that’s the best way to watch your progress as you are able to tighten it as time goes on!

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