This Is What Thermal Shapewear Does For You

This Is What Thermal Shapewear Does For You

Using thermal waist trainer will not restrict your movement, on the contrary, it will keep your muscles warm to increase your performance. Being the very first layer of clothing on the skin, thermals shapewear is perfect to keep you warm and comfortable while you’re on the go. They allow you to move freely on a freezing cold day and are equally important in helping you archive your body goals.

Winter is here and we want you to know why having a thermal waist trainer on you can make a huge difference. Here’s everything you need to know about thermal garments & our personal favorites for you to try on.‍

You may be wondering, How does thermal waist trainers work?

Your body stores a lot of water, but some of it is right in the pesky trouble areas around your tummy and waist. That’s where the power of thermal shapewear comes in. By heating up your core and stimulating perspiration around your midsection, you can ensure you’re getting the most from your waist trainer.

This is also why many women wear thermal waist trainers while exercising: so they know their workouts are really working for them. With waist trainer, you’ll see how you start looking slimmer from the compression alone and the added perspiration around your waistline.

Our thermal waist trainers by CYSM are lightweight, gives you compression to keep you healthy without sacrificing your comfort, you can give them the use that suits you the most, it could be for exercising, to support your weight-loss journey or daily use or to keep you warm on a cold day.  

Some of the features you can find on this type of waist trainers are:
- An internal latex lining covered for thermal action
- The garments are hypoallergenic and non-stick
- Elastic and adjustable, to keep you comfortable‍

Have you heard about targeted fat loss?

It’s when you visibly trim inches off with a lot less effort and faster than usual. Why? Because the thermal layer on the shapers stimulates your body’s natural calorie-burning process where it has contact with the skin. Releasing toxins at the body’s skin level and improving perspiration at the same time.

Why is important to wear thermal compression while you workout?

In addition to helping your weight-loss journey and provide many benefits during your workout, compression garments provide higher circulation levels, which will allow a faster workout recovery.

If you haven’t tried the benefits of thermals, here are some of our favorites for the season:

Full Control Body Shaper Vest

This shaper will instantly flatten your abdomen, support your back & enhance your silhouette. Besides the thermal action to help you increase fat burning, this shaper has a comfortable fit, which gives your movement freedom and skin breathability.

Slimming Thermal Waist Cincher

One of our favorites cinchers with ultra- compression, perfect for your daily workout session. It has ab external latex band that by its thermal action burns fat and toxins which then is absorbed in its cotton layer. It also has orthopedic & posture correction benefits.

Compressive Posture Corrector Vest

Thanks to its thermal layer and targeted ultra compression you will visibly trim a couple of inches down instantly. It has exclusive BIO Technology added to its fabric, which means it has antibacterial, efficient ventilation & microcapsules that release gradually when they come in contact with the skin, allowing comfort and protection.


All our thermals will help stimulate your body’s calorie-burning increasing perspiration and helping you look slimmer in just a matter of time. All of the designs are dedicated to offering the perfect fit, regardless of your body type or size, making your garment feel like a second skin that will give you heat and protection from the cold. Make the most of your thermal shapewear and achieve that body goal you have in mind in less than expected! 


Source - CYSM / Original article link