Do Waist Trainers work? Everything You Need To Know

Do Waist Trainers work? Everything You Need To Know

he waist trainer trend has reached its peak. You may have seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian or your favorite fitness blogger on social media posting pictures showing a dramatic figure and you may have wonder how can you achieve an hourglass shape and flatten abdomen like that?!... Well, waist trainers are the compression garment making the magic behind the outfits. 

The way waist training work is by applying tight compression to your midsection to train your figure into a smaller waist size and support your fitness goals. When wearing waist trainers you can enjoy a more effective workout, improve your posture and sculpts your curves. But, do they really work? Keep reading... 

How long does it take to see results? 

It depends on the type of body, genetics, and motivation. Why motivation? Because a waist trainer is only a tool to help you lose a couple of sizes faster and provide greater figure molding results, but the work still has to come from you. Along with wearing the waist trainer for a few hours every day, you have to: 

  • Follow a healthy diet
  • Exercise
  • Drink water 

You can start seeing results within a month or two, but then again being constant it’s super important to maintain the results you want.

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The Benefits of Wearing a waist trainer 

Faster weight loss

To complement your diet with a waist trainer will help you lose weight faster, some waist trainers like the slimming thermal waist cincher can be the perfect complement. It has an external latex band that by its thermal action burns fat in your abdominal area faster than usual. Its benefits are:

  • Flattens abdomen
  • Corrects posture 
  • Instant hourglass figure
  • Ultra compression
  • Gradual hooks for 3 positions
  • Safe for daily wear for greater results

Improved Posture

If your daily responsibilities require, sitting on a desk for long hours there’s a good chance your posture is worsening bit by bit. If your back hurts daily you may be struggling with this. Because of the targeted compression on our cinchers, they are a great help to improve your posture and say goodbye to the uncomfortable back pain.

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Keeps you motivated

Once you’ve seen how your body can potentially look like, you’ll fall in love with how waist trainers guarantee results and how they tone your body, you will want to keep your healthy lifestyle to maintain your new astonishing figure! 


Can I do exercise while wearing waist cinchers? 

In fact, our cinchers support the resistance and performance you’ll have on your regular exercise. We only recommend to not do crunches while wearing them, its support can become weak and break over continuous, repetitive movement.

We actually have our Ultra-Sweat Collection design to offer high performance while you workout. By applying compression on key areas, the garment will help you stay active for longer by supporting your muscles, preventing soreness and keeping you at comfortable body temperature. 

Our customer-favorite the Sport Thermal Cincher with thermal design to:

  • Push your body into fat-loss mode 
  • Targeted control that will reshape and enhance specific areas of your body
  • Compression that will prevent and reduces soreness and muscle fatigue after exercise
  • Increase sweating 
  • Regulates body temperature to regulate the body temperature

For how long can I wear an Ultra-Sweat garment? 

Because these compression garments increase sweating up to 3 times more than normal, we recommend a top of 4 hours wear to avoid dehydration. 



Waist trainers do work! they are a great way to get in shape and achieve an hourglass figure. If you’re a beginner start with small periods you can wear your cincher for an hour or two a day and even take small breaks since you could have a little discomfort just at the beginning, but once you get used to it you won’t feel a thing. Within 1 month or two you’ll see amazing, jaw-dropping body remodeling results, just be constant and take your time!


Source - CYSM / Original article link