Are the Waist Trainers the new gym trend?

Are the Waist Trainers the new gym trend?


A waist trainer is a compression garment that acts as an incredible body-shaping miracle-worker, focusing its inch-trimming effects on your waist. Waist trainers are usually made of a special latex fabric, and they have a compressive design. These two features are the key elements of an efficient waist training garment!


The latex fabric stimulates perspiration in your core and around your midsection, thus intensifying the slimming effects of waist training. The compression feature that waist trainers provide is the hourglass-figure-creating secret ingredient! It’s like wearing a body shaping corset that gives your figure lasting results. Putting on a waist trainer for the first time feels like an instant body-makeover! You just won’t be able to stop staring at yourself in the mirror!

The CYSM Waist Trainer collection includes garments that can help today’s modern woman reshape her midsection, and gradually turn it into a Victorian-inspired hourglass figure! The two main components of a waist trainer are the thermal active fabric and the compressive design. These are the elements that allow your waist to gain a more defined look, with the instant results becoming permanent after following a waist-training regimen. Here’s what you should expect from the Waist Trainer collection:

  • Instant waist-minimizing effects;

  • Permanent waist remodeling results, after following a waist training regimen;

  • A diverse collection of styles, which can either be worn discretely under clothing, or used as part of a trendy gym outfit.